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Chill fruit tea until cold, at least 2 hours, or cover and chill up to 2 days. To make cocktails, pour 1½ oz. bourbon into each of 8 ice-filled glasses. Add 6 oz. fruit tea to each and stir to combine (you may have tea leftover). Garnish with mint sprigs and lemon wheels. Alternatively, combine 6 cups fruit tea and 1½ cups bourbon in a pitcher. A B O U T THIS DECK. A B O U T TH e T A ROT. The Light Grey Tarot is the collaborative artistic work of 78 artists and designers, and was researched, curated and edited by the Light Grey Art Lab ...

There will be a magnetic attraction that goes beyond physical. But love in Judgement isn't all sweetness and roses. There can be negative aspects that you two may have to work through, which you probably keep repeating through out the lifetimes together. There is a tendency to lose yourself in romance and with your partner.
Apr 15, 2020 · Nine of cups means in a tarot a person not complete, something is missing. If it is followed by two of wands and then a page of cups then some romance or a new beginning is coming your way.
When the Knight of Cups enters your life he brings with him a romance and sensitivity. A new lover may sweep you off your feet. This card symbolises love and attraction, a marriage proposal could also be indicated. More About Knight Of Cups Learn More About All The Meanings Of Knight Of Cups Tarot Card Upright Knight Of Cups Meaning. Opportunities.
Mar 10, 2020 · II. Interpretation of 2 of Cups Thoth Tarot 1. Energy. This card is the division of the original water that has not been formed yet by the Ace of Cups Thoth card. In terms of emotions (Cups), this is the attraction between men and women. The bisexual soul (Ace) has divided itself in the outside world and both parts are trying to get along.
In a reading, the Two of Cups reveals a beautiful romance, deep harmony, and nourishing resonance between two souls. Outside of love, the Two of Cups is a sign of relationships. This could be a business partnership, friendship, or the companionship between human and animal. You might think that the Two of Cups is always about a coupling.
When the Knight of Pentacles arrives know that you will meet a knight that wants to make your dreams come true, for a very long time to come. This is very similar to the Knight of Cups, but with a more practical tone. Where the Knight of Cups is dreamy and romantic, and there for a long time, the Knight of Pentacles is more practical and reliable.
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  • The Two of Cups is a beautiful card and whispers “true love”. It heralds a time of friendship, union, love and commitment. Most images symbolise a man and woman joining together with a cup held in each hand celebrating their joy for each other. There is either a very strong bond or a romantic and sexual attraction.
  • Tarot Card Meanings > Minor Arcana > Two of Cups. The two cups on this card are held by a man and a woman as if they are toasting one another. They are pledging their love for one another. The man reaches out to touch the woman. This is a card of sexual attraction. Below you can view the various artistic interpretations of the 2 of Cups card.
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  • From the mouth of a diva: Musings about all things metaphysical, entertainment, celebrities, life, love and everything in between. #psychicleosays #notyourtypicalpsychic
  • Enchantress of Cups (Queen of Cups) ~ the secret to the Law of Attraction is focused emotional power. Intent. -from the Tarot of Delphi: A Fine Art Tarot Deck Art Inspiration Game Art Dragon Cool Art Character Design Illustration Art Tarot Art Dragon Age Tarot Cards Fantasy Art

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In a love Tarot reading, the Two of Cups is a great card to get! If you are single it represents a blossoming romance or the offer of a relationship with a person who you will share a strong connection with and who will be mutually attracted to you. It can also indicate a reunion with someone from the past.
fondness, attraction, command: jealous, revengeful, infidelity: King of Wands: passionate, good leader, noble: unyielding, prejudice, quarrels: Cups: Ace of Cups: good health, love, joy, beauty: egotism, selfishness, hesitancy: Two of Cups: romance, friendship, cooperation: violent passion, misunderstanding: Three of Cups: fortune, hospitality, discovery

Feb 14, 2016 · This is part of an ongoing series in which I write about my interpretations of the cards in A.L. Swartz’s Wooden Tarot. You can find the other posts here. Fire/Wands/Stones Since stones evoke images of earth, and since other nature-based decks like the Wildwood Tarot have used stones to represent the suit of Disks/Pentacles, it…

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The Ace of Cups tells the story of a new relationship, and the Two of Cups symbolises two becoming one. It’s time to take the next step and fully commit yourself. This is a healthy relationship, based on mutual attraction, love, and respect.