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Now, f you're planning to have the Multicast Source and Multicast Receivers at different VLANs then you need to enable PIM. Within your license only PIM stub routing is available, meaning that you will only be able to configure PIM passive on the SVI interfaces and full PIM on the routed uplinks.

IP Multicast Routing Configuration Guide, Cisco IOS Release 15.2(2)E (Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X Switches) Chapter Title. Configuring Basic IP Multicast Routing. PDF - Complete Book (4.84 MB) PDF - This Chapter (1.36 MB) View with Adobe Reader on a variety of devices
Enter your username and password when prompted. If no username is configured on your switch (the default), enter only the enable password in the password field. The switch home page appears, as shown in Figure C-2. Figure C-2 Switch Home Page 78-15136-02 Catalyst 3750 Switch Hardware Installation Guide C-3
By enabling PIM on the SVIs you enable the IGMP on them and in particular the switch will send out IGMP queries. The last ones are required to make IGMP snooping working on the C2960 ( I suppose they are L2 switches). IGMP snooping should be on by default on the C2960 switches. PIM is also needed to perform multicast routing between Vlans. see
Multicast frames have a value of 1 in the least-significant bit of the first octet of the destination address. This helps a network switch to distinguish between unicast and multicast addresses. One example of an Ethernet multicast address would be 01:00:0C:CC:CC:CC , which is the address used by CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) .
Configure Cisco Switches Monday, July 13, 2009. ... 2960G, 3750 ,3750G Switches Video containing Cisco Catalyst 2950 Series Switches Configuration Examples.
Dec 07, 2012 · To enable err-disabled ports on Cisco 3750 switch series. Follow the below . . . First make telnet connection with the switch. telnet (change the ip as required,) Enter Password to continue. To view Disabled Ports: show interfaces status err-disabled. e.g: NOC_SWITCH> show int status err-disabled
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  • The main purpose of the multicast-routing distributed command is to take advantage of the Multicast Distributed Switching (MDS) functionality that is available on high end Cisco L3 switching devices. MDS is accomplished using a forwarding data structure called a Multicast Forwarding Information Base (MFIB), which is a subset of the routing table.
  • Cisco 7200, Cisco 7200VXR, Cisco 7206, Cisco 7204 configuration cisco 7200 router [email protected] Blogger 18 1 ...
  • I also have a handful of outlying 2960 switches. (All running 15.x code) My windows guys are doing a massive hardware refresh and want to leverage multicast imaging with Windows Deployment Services. I've read Cisco's documentation on multicast, but I'm embarrassed to say I just don't understand it.
  • Day One Books cover networking technologies using step-by-step instructions and practical examples written by engineers. The Day One Library has over a million downloads and counting.
  • This article explains the Errdisable feature on Cisco Catalyst switches. Learn why and how ports are automatically disabled/shutdown, how to configure the Catalyst switches for autorecovery from err-disable states and selectively disable Errdisable feature for different reasons.

Introduction This document explains how to configure interVLAN routing with Cisco Catalyst 3750/3560/3550 series switches. The document provides a sample configuration for interVLAN routing with a Catalyst 3550 series switch that runs enhanced multilayer image (EMI) software in a typical network scenario.

Chapter 2 Catalyst 3750 Switch Cisco IOS Commands ip igmp max-groups ip igmp max-groups Use the ip igmp max-groups interface configuration command on the switch stack or on a standalone switch to set the maximum number of Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) groups that a Layer 2 interface can join or to configure the IGMP throttling ...
Cisco SD-Access continues to empower IT with Accessibility, Reliability and Analytics driven Segmentation With its latest release, Cisco SD-Access introduces new capabilities and enhancements centered around security, accessibility, and rel... Dec 10, 2012 · I have one server which run some application for wireless user. this server forward multicast packet to wireless user. server and wlc physically connect to cisco 3750 switch.i want the server forward the multicast packet to wireless users.server access vlan 4.wlc controller have 2 vlan: 90 and 110.and wireless user some of vlan 90 and some of ... cisco switch password recovery ... cisco vxlan support, cisco vxlan supported switches, configure vxlan, ... extreme vxlan, multicast over vxlan, multicast vxlan ...

Mar 08, 2012 · Catalyst 3750 Switch; Switch#configure terminal!--- Enable LLDP globally on the switch. Switch(config)#lldp run!--- Specify time for the device to hold LLDP information. Switch(config)#lldp holdtime 180!--- Set the time for sending frequency of LLDP updates. Switch(config)#lldp timer 50!--- Enable LLDP specific to an interface.

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Hi am going to configure multicast routing in out 3750G switch, since we are going to install citrix web. do I need to configure as follows if I miss some thing can any please help me. while do this will there be any slight out age on this DA-3750-1(config)# interface Vlan3 description 10.10.6./23...